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Are you looking for help with fastapi or fastapi_utils?

Help or Get Help with FastAPI

Any improvements to FastAPI directly help this project!

See more details about how to help FastAPI at

Star fastapi-utils on GitHub

You can “star” fastapi-utils in GitHub (clicking the star button at the top right):

Adding a star will help other users find this project more easily, and see that it has been useful for others.

Connect with the author

You can connect with me (David Montague / dmontagu), the author of fastapi_utils:

Create issues

You can create a new issue in the GitHub repository, for example to:

  • Report a bug/issue.
  • Suggest a new feature.
  • Ask a question.

Create a Pull Request

You can create a Pull Request, for example:

  • To fix a typo you found in the documentation.
  • To propose improvements to documentation.
  • To fix an existing issue/bug.
  • To add a new feature.